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Fractional online real estate: the biggest investment opportunity for a generation

Real estate has been used by wealthy individuals to build and preserve wealth for countless generations. Technology is now opening this up to more people than ever and enabling the true democratisation of wealth. 

An inefficient sector ripe for disruption

Shojin has a 12 year track record in this space and has secured a leading position in the UK as an FCA regulated online real estate investment platform. By specialising in mid-market real estate development, Shojin has identified an inefficient sector ripe for disruption, leading to outsize returns relative to risk. Shojin has also built an international network for both inward investment into the UK market as well as localised deal origination across multiple countries. 

Invest in Shojin and our exponential growth trajectory

Shojin last raised external funding 3 years ago and has hit many milestones since then, including moving into profitability in 2020. We are now preparing to raise what should be our final private funding round before listing and invite you to join us. This is a unique opportunity to invest early into a business that is on an exponential growth trajectory and that has its ambitions set on building the next British Unicorn. 

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